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4 Essential Candy Making Tools

4 Essential Candy Making Tools

Candy making is an art that can be learned with practice. And with practice secret tips are uncovered. These tips separate the good candy makers from the excellent ones.

– Candy thermometer
– Quality candy molds
– Wooden spoon or spatula
– Quality saucepan

Listed above are 4 essential tools that every candy maker needs. You can take on a candy-making endeavor without these tools but you will find that you will not get the superior results that every candy maker desires. For instance, hard candy requires specific hard candy molds and supplies and so does chocolate.

Candy thermometer – some people feel that the candy thermometer is an extra expense that they can skip. They however are mistaken. When you are following recipes and it gives you a temperature to meet you should make sure that you meet it. And that is why the candy thermometer is so helpful. Some recipes like white fudge require that you boil the mixture until it reaches 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Many beginners follow the recipes to the tee and their candy comes out terrible because they simply do not reach the recommended temperature. Often times they do not have a way to measure it the temperature. Not reaching the proper temperatures can ruin your candy creations! When making lollipops you have to reach a certain degree. If not you will have a sugary gooey glob rather than the lollipops you set out to make. Make sure to pick up a candy thermometer.

Quality candy molds- the candy molds that you purchase will have a direct effect on the attractiveness of your candy. If you are want quality candy get quality molds. Quality molds are durable and they last! Cheap plastic molds will not last. If you will make a lot of chocolate candies get chocolate candy molds and supplies. Also, when purchasing candy-making supplies if the deal sounds to good to be true keep looking.

Wooden Spoon/Spatula- many candy recipes require a lot of tending and stirring. Some recipes call for you to fold in nuts and/or berries and a spatula works beautifully in doing this. Some beginners make the mistake of using a dinner spoon when tending to their candy. It is an easy trap to fall into. Make sure that you have a utensil that is going to give you full range in motion to evenly mix all of your ingredients.

Quality saucepan- pans that have the surface coating peeling off is a candy-making nightmare! The one thing that should not be in your candy is nonstick coating chips from a cheap/old pan. Make sure that unnecessary unwanted ingredients do not end up in your sweet treats. Invest in a solid saucepan that will last and not interfere with your recipes.