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7 Very Simple Plants to Grow Indoors

7 Very Simple Plants to Grow Indoors

Most people love houseplants, but unfortunately not everyone has a green thumb. Here are seven basically foolproof plants to grow. They have simple requirements and will allow even the brownest thumb to have a jungle in his/her home.

1. Philodendron – the philodendron species originates from the Brazil, Panama, and South America areas. It is the easiest of houseplants to grow. The philodendron is tolerant of low light and impure air. It does like a bit of humidity; not surprising considering the areas from which it comes. Water as it becomes dry. They can be propagated by stem cuttings or some species such as the elephant ear philodendron is propagated by leaf-bud cuttings.

2. Creeping Charlie – This plant is a very hardy, enduring plant. The Creeping Charlie is effortless to care for. Give the plant a bright location. Water as the top couple of inches of soil begins to dry. Creeping Charlie is simple to propagate by stem cuttings in water. Just root and plant in soil. They root quite quickly. An occasional fertilizing is beneficial. Fertilizing helps to keep its leaves dark green. Creeping Charlie does seem hard to find sometimes in stores. On a personal note, I asked my local post office for a couple of starts from their office plant. I now have four large Charlie plants, all from those two starts. Once you find a good spot the plant likes, leave it there for best growth.

3. Dieffenbachia – The dieffenbachia plant is an undemanding plant that likes indirect, filtered light. Normally, the plant grows to about 3 feet in height. As it grows it will lose its bottom leaves. It is normal for dieffenbachia to do this. Be mindful not to over water. Overwatering is the most common mistake for this plant. Allow the soil to dry in between watering; do not overwater. An important note on this plant: it is very toxic. If the sap is ingested, the vocal cords and the tongue will swell. Just do not let children around these plants. This is how the plant gets its nickname “dumb cane”

4. Spider Plant – The spider plant, as well, is known as the airplane plant. Moderate light and a fair amount of water is all this plant needs. If the plants color begins to become light in color, fertilize. This will bring back the dark green color, or the nice variegated color, depending on the species you have. It is forgiving if you forget to water here and there. The spider plant can be propagated by rooting the little “spiders” it puts out. A nice plant to hang.

5. Mint – Mint can be grown in the house as well as outdoors. Typical of the mint plant is the “square stem.” A slight bright spot on the window sill is best for this plant. Water often, as mint likes it moist. In the outdoors the mint plant likes shadier locations. Grows quickly. Mint can be quickly propagated by stem cuttings.

6. Good Luck Bamboo – Can usually be grown in the container in which it comes. Water often, as it can be grown in water as well as soil and rocks. I have found a bright, indirect light is good. Nothing to hot.

7. Cacti – Where can you go wrong with cacti? Watering too much!! This will rot the cactus plant rapidly. Think desert and sparse water. Also the cactus can handle bright, direct light. If the cactus plant is in the window and the light does become too hot, the plant will become burned. So watch out for too hot of light coming in through the window.

These simple, trouble-free plants will add a pleasant variety to your indoor garden, without much care and effort. Houseplants tend to create calmness, peace and tranquility in a home and they are great air purifiers. Be sure to add some humidity and keep any dead leaves picked off so that your plant collection can look its best.