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Advantages of Installing an Inline Exhaust Fan

Advantages of Installing an Inline Exhaust Fan

Inline Exhaust Fan is an electronic device that is used for the purpose of providing ventilation or boosting the airflow with minimal detectable noise. The main function of these devices is to improve the overall air quality in the house by removing the vapors that has been created due to use. They are best suited for being used in bathrooms where due to bathing and showering vapors are created which leads to the formation of moisture and later on results in stale odors and fumes. It can also be used in the kitchen for forcing out smoke and cooking vapors from the area. In most modern homes these units are being preferred over the noisy bathroom and kitchen fans.

The main advantage of installing these types of inline exhaust fans is they are a versatile system that provides multiple ventilation inlets to your kitchen, rooms and bathrooms. If you want to improve the overall indoor air quality of the rooms in your house, you can certainly install this low rate ventilation system with multiple inlets. If you have a big house having two or more bathrooms and kitchen, you can use this system for ventilating your bathrooms as well as kitchen. As these systems feature solid, commercial grade construction, they can be used for longer periods of time and are generally preferred over other types of exhaust fans.

Advantages of Inline Exhaust Fan
In case you need to replace you old bathroom fan with a new one, you can either go for a traditional ceiling-mounted bathroom fan or you can consider replacing it by installing an inline exhaust fan. For installing this system you do not need to mount it directly to the ceiling of the bathroom but it is placed at a distance from the bathroom, generally in the attic space. Some of the benefits of these units as compared to the traditional ones are discussed below.

Easy to Install – These units are easy to install and does not require enough space as well. Moreover, if at all it requires any kind of servicing and replacement of parts, it can be done in an easy to access area in your attic.

High Power – These units feature a powerful motor due to which it is packed with enough power to move significantly higher amount of air when compared to the commonly used bathroom exhaust fans.

Low Noise – As these units are placed away from the actual point of exhaust in the ceiling, you seldom get to hear ant kind of vibration from the fan and the noise that is created when it is working.

Multiple Exhaust Points – For large bathrooms, installing such type of system is suitable as you can easily create multiple exhaust points in the ceiling.
Cost Effective – By installing this system you provide a cost effective way of improving the overall indoor air quality of the bathrooms and kitchen.

Long Life – As these systems feature solid, commercial grade construction, they are rated for being used continuously and have a long life span, some of them even having lifetime warranties.