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Audio Visual Rentals – Visual Enhancements You Could Effectively Use At A Dance Party

Audio Visual Rentals – Visual Enhancements You Could Effectively Use At A Dance Party

When, as an organizer, or a DJ, considering audio visual rentals, there are several visual additions to your audio equipment for the dance party that you can use to enhance the experience of the participants and to make the party an even greater success. It is important to consider these audio visual equipment rental enhancements, especially in the context of renting audio and video equipment. The AV equipment rental is not cheap, and you need to find value and justify the cost in each piece of added AV rental equipment.

Sure enough, the audio component to the AV system is of primary importance. However, when you add simple, unexpected, powerful, and emotion enhancing visual effects, your dance party will rise to the next level.

What visual effects are there to add to your dance party setup? We will go over laser illumination, pin spot illumination, black color illumination, spot illumination, mirror balls, strobe reflectors, projection screens and projector rental, as well as introduce a more modern set of LED ribbon illumination, LED moon flower illumination, multi color strip illumination, rope illumination, rotating LED moon flowers.

Traditional dance party light effects

The dance party light effects that your parents may have enjoyed thirty years back that are still going strong today are:

  • Laser Lights brings on sharp laser beams adding to the unexpected perspective.
  • Pin Spot Lights serves sharp light rays for added color.
  • Blacklight illuminates white fabric only, bringing up a mysterious view.
  • Spot Light will provides unexpected, powerful, and audience engaging colored light effects.
  • Mirror Ball such as the classic disco ball adds unexpected, playful rays of light and brings on the nostalgia.
  • Strobe Light gives an unexpected time-lapse effect that changes the way we perceive motion. Tough on the eyes, so be sure to use in moderation.
  • Lighting Truss System brings the heightened place to affix most of the lighting fixtures mentioned here.
  • Large projection screens and DVD projectors can add memorable images and clips.

Modern dance party light effects

The newer technologies that became possible with the development of the powerful all-color LED diodes and especially blue LED diodes include:

  • Rope Lighting Kits generates great soft white lights for casual illumination.
  • LED Mushroom Lighting System will cause a vertigo effect through a rotating set of multi colored sound activated lights.
  • LED Ribbons And Lighting Strips provides powerful and amazing LED illumination.
  • Rotating LED Moonflower Light is great for dance clubs.
  • Sound Activated Multi Color Strip Light produces live rainbow images.

The visual effects including lights, video lighting, and projected videos that you can include in your audio visual systems rental can truly bring the dance party to a new level of enjoyment. The memories that the audience take home from an event like this are priceless.