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Bohemian Cruises, Free Spirited Vacations

Bohemian Cruises, Free Spirited Vacations

Color and vibrant textures of bohemian clothing call to my spirit and revitalize my energy, giving the soul a much needed lift and tossing the stress of the pandemic out of the window. The wind blowing against the skin as I enjoy my cruise vacation, beautiful cotton kaftans and loungers, embellished by hand and the recycled silk kaftans are so comfortable. the colors and prints so unique and holistic, inspired from nature, the leaf and floral embellishments give an earthy boho feel.

The luxurious cruise ship that I found makes use of artwork like the tree of life carved wood panel and buddha carvings that I find very inspiring and relaxing. Old world elements like arches and columns have been strategically used to accent the dining room and hallways. Natural woods and handcarved accent pieces make the decor earthy and holistic. Sheer curtains accent the windows and create magic with the rays of the sun. The vibe is bohemian, free spirited and very relaxing for the summer months or the fall family vacations.

My cruise vacation collection of patchwork cotton skirts, pants and dresses in a multitude of prints are collages of color and pattern, vibrant and lush and all handmade by artisans. Ethical and mindful to the needs of Mother Earth we take care to use natural, recycled fabrics and vegetable dyes, support the artisans and are committed to free trade.

Recycled silk wrap skirts, the 2 layers contrast with each other and can be styled as coverups, halters, maxi skirts, pareos and so many more boho style that are perfect for the romantic sunset dinners or when you get off the ship to stroll the beaches. The ruched waist skirts can be worn as dresses as well, the uneven hemlines swing with you as you enjoy the beautiful mediterranean coast. The strap maxi dresses can be dressed up with a denim jacket, keeping a chic and edgy fashion style.

As summers get hotter and winters get colder, the caftans can be worn as loungers and layered when it gets colder. The warmer wool kaftan dresses are a killer with boots and perfect for the Nashville country scene. Loose and easy to style kimonos and wrap dresses are casually chic and uniquely designed.

Carrying your mala beads with you and maintaining your meditative practise on the holiday cruises is nurturing to your soul. Not only are you relaxed, the oceans are beautiful sources of energy that replenish your source. The malabeads in semi precious stones like lapiz lazuli, jade, turquoise, carnelian, handknotted with rudraksha, they add style to your attire as well.