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Bougainvillea – A Beginner’s Guide to Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea – A Beginner’s Guide to Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea is a climbing plant. Sometimes it just doesn’t want to stop climbing. It is mainly grown in the tropical areas and is native to South America. This plant is a member of Nyctaginacea family of plants.

There are about eighteen varieties of Bougainvillea plant. There are several cultivars and hybrids, all of which add and make up amazing colors and forms. However, the colors also vary depending on factors like soil or climate. Some of the excellent bougainvilleas are Barbara Karst, California Gold, Texas Dawn Jamaica White and many more.

Bougainvillea plant leaves are quite lengthy and have brilliant purple or red flower bracts. The leaves are very soft and have a shape like heart. The plant has nasty thorns, which may pierce your skin if touched accidentally or bumped into. Bougainvillea grows very quickly with twigs all over it. It is popular for its radiant blooms and that’s the reason why it’s perfect for both exterior and interior use. It’s a wooded, evergreen plant with bristles.

These plants are normally grown in different forms, in pots, espalier along fences and walls, used for bonsai and as hedges. Bougainvilleas are a great choice for covering pagodas, fences and carports.

Bougainvillea plants attract wildlife to a great extent. It has been claimed by an authority that in the United States, goldfinches, red cardinals, larks and mockingbirds use bougainvilleas on a regular basis. In Africa, starlings, sunbirds, thrushes, finches and flycatchers make use of this plant for feeding and nesting purpose. In Australia, sunbirds, mistletoe birds, willie wagtails and honeyeaters are known to dwell in Bougainvillea plant. These plants also attract native bees and butterflies.

To get the best from Bougainvillea, 4 essentials like mulch, water, sunlight and well-composted organic manure for its growth are a must. If you are planning to grow this plant inside, place near a sunny window. They are great water users. However, mulch is very important if you are planning to grow this plant outdoors. Using the right Bougainvillea care techniques, you can even grow this plant in the cooler climates.

You must consider few things before growing Bougainvillea at home. If you’ve children at your home, it’s not a good idea to grow this plant because its thorns can puncture your child’s skin and cause them to bleed. On the other hand, there is the issue of security.

There are many wholesale Bougainvillea online stores offering quality plants at competitive prices. Just go online and search for your favorite store to buy Bougainvilleas.