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Bringing Home Your Purebred Puppy – How to Puppy Proof Your Home

Bringing Home Your Purebred Puppy – How to Puppy Proof Your Home

Once you’ve made the decision about what type of purebred puppy you want, the hard part is over! Next, you will need to “puppy proof” your living space before you bring home this new addition to your family. If you know what to look for and what measures to take, this can be very simple. Below are a few easy steps that will have your home puppy safe in no time.

• Step 1: Puppy Proof Your General Household

First, make sure all poisonous household items are securely stored away in high shelves that the puppy cannot reach or climb to. Your purebred puppy will of course be interested in anything at its level that it can get to. It is best practice to get on the floor before you bring your purebred puppy home and scan the area underneath furniture and tables for anything you may have over looked. This of course includes small objects that the puppy could chew or choke on or lose electrical cords. Additionally, many potted plants people generally keep inside the house can be harmful and even fatal to your purebred puppy. Some toxic plants commonly found indoors include dieffenbachia, azalea, Calla lily, and philodendron.

• Step 2: Puppy Proof the Bathroom

The bathroom might be the last place you think objects harmful to your purebred puppy can be found, but that is definitely not the case. Of course, it’s always best practice to keep the bathroom door closed when you aren’t home, but people often forget. You should remove any medications or vitamins you generally keep on the counter top and put them in a secured container in your medicine closet. Also, move the trash can up high on the counter or put it in the bathroom closet as sanitary products, razor blades, and old shampoo bottles with residue can be highly toxic. Lastly, make sure the bathroom seat is always down. Puppies have the tendency to drink any water they see, and if you use toilet bowl cleaners they can be very poisonous to your purebred puppy.

• Step 3: Puppy Proof the Kitchen

The kitchen is another place your purebred puppy can quickly and easily not only make a mess, but get into some serious trouble. Much of the food we eat can be very harmful to a puppy. In particular, chocolate, onions, alcohol, and foods high in fat, sugar, or salt can be very harmful. Problems from ingestion of chocolate can range from diarrhea to seizures, all the way to death. Also, like the bathroom trash, the kitchen trash can be incredibly harmful. Chicken bones and coffee grounds can be highly dangerous. As your purebred puppy grows, it becomes very easy for them to knock the trash can over and reach everything inside. Make sure you either gate the kitchen off, or empty the trash regularly in order to avoid these problems.

Bringing home your first purebred puppy should be a time of joy! Don’t let a minor detail spoil all the fun. These tips are a good place to start once you’ve made the decision to bring a puppy home. Keeping your puppy safe should be easy so that you can spend more of your on the fun stuff.