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Choosing the Right Perfume to Match the Occasion

Choosing the Right Perfume to Match the Occasion

When shopping for a perfume for a special event, it helps to consider several different points such as the time of day and where the event is held. A playful and light smell is right for the events held during the daytime. Here are several types of fragrances to match upcoming events:


Perfumes for a formal event should offer a sense of dignity and depth. Favored choices in this range include a scent with a hint of spice, musk or wood. A warm, rich scent is certain to help complement the refined atmosphere of the formal occasions. Rosewood and sandalwood are a classic choice.

Besides the perfumes with a warm, rich base, it helps to search for the complex floral scents like narcissus and orchid. This type of scent is perfect to give an extra range of character. Aim to avoid a perfume with an overly sweet or sugary fragrance. Perfumes with a candy-like smell aren’t proper for the formal occasions.

Parties, Anniversaries, or Weddings

A special occasion like a wedding or anniversary is certain to offer the time to experience the floral and bright perfumes. A floral fragrance includes ingredients like sandalwood, cherry blossom, jasmine, lavender and rose. If preferring an understated smell, this is achieved with a simple white musk.

An event taking place in the evening can benefit from using perfume with a more floral base. Perfumes of this type include black orchid, cassia and gardenia. A heavier floral fragrance is perfect for the outdoor parties and weddings.

Family Gatherings

A fragrance for the family get-together is certain to relate to individual personality. This is because there isn’t really any specific requirement in regards to scent profile for this type of occasion. However, it is still worth being mindful of any health issues or allergies that may relate to family members.

This is a great time to test new perfumes. A sugary, fresh scent with a light floral base is certain to be appreciated by the younger generation, while a simple linen fragrance can benefit those searching for a more traditional option.

Holiday Parties

A fragrance with a deep, warm scent is perfect for the holiday parties. Perfumes with the spice or wood base are perfect for these types of events. Fragrances with a touch of clove, nutmeg, or cinnamon combined with sandalwood are certain to offer a great option. Certain fragrances are created to match the holiday occasion. Scents are often inspired by baked items or decorations that depict the specific celebration and event.