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Directions to Rechink a Log Home

Directions to Rechink a Log Home

Logs are usually seal together with the help of material called chink or chinking. Chinking is usually used to fill in gaps and cracks to give your log home a tough and stronger exterior against different weather conditions. In past chinking was a mixture of mud and straw. But presently chinking is mostly like the caulk used to close the gap around doors or windows. It is usually synthetic.

Required Items

– Chinking or caulking gun
– Chink pump
– Grout bag
– Rags
– Spatula
– Trowel


The first step is to select a right kind of chinking for your logs. Chinking comes under different formula and color. Acrylic chinking is the one that can be cleaned up with water. You must choose the one which compatible with your logs’ color.

Before applying the fresh and new chinking, make sure that you have removed the old worn out and damaged chinking from the logs. You have to be careful about the backer rod (it is used to stop the chinking between the layers of logs) also. Sometimes backer rods receive damage for some reasons and need to be replaced.

Now take a metal or plastic spatula to apply chinking to the cleft or crack between logs. You can use grout bag to apply chinking as well. This method is easy, economical and simple. You just need to squeeze the chinking into the clefts. Grout bag is very handy for smaller jobs.

For larger jobs, caulking gun is very useful. Caulking gun comes in different sizes – usually in 10.5 ounce or a quart size. You can use prepackaged tubes of chinking with caulking gun and you can either fill the gun with chinking from bulk. Using caulking gun is time efficient; however, expenses are almost the same for chinking by hand or caulking gun.

There is power equipment used to apply chinking. Power equipment is more easily obtainable in those areas where logs home are popular. Power equipment is very handy as it saves your precious time by doing work quickly. However, it is expensive and its availability is a big question mark. Power equipment forces the chinking into the cracks through a device which is very much similar to caulking gun.

Precautionary Tips:

– While chinking your log home, there are chances to get some chinking on your logs surfaces which are required to clean right away.
– Chinking is available in different packing, i.e. in buckets or in tubes (compatible with caulking gun). If you want to save money it is better to purchase bulk buckets.
– Chink pump or other power equipment can be rented, depending upon the availability and popularity of log homes in your area.