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Dollhouse Animals

Dollhouse Animals

If you want your dollhouse to be as lifelike as possible, you may want to think about decorating the area around your dollhouse with a realistic exterior. And every exterior is going to include some animals! They may vary depending on the “location” of your dollhouse (a beach house is going to be surrounded by very different animals than a farmhouse), so be sure to choose the right animals! Below is a list of zoological purchases you may want to consider for your dollhouse, including fish, farm animals, small critters, amphibians, and exotic animals.


Fish are a great choice to add to your dollhouse, whether you are planning to put them inside in a bowl or fish tank, or place them outside in a pond (or even by the sea if you have a beach house). They come in a variety of sizes and colors. Though they are too numerous to describe in detail, below is a list of some types of fish and crustaceans you can buy for your dollhouse.

Atlantic Salmon – Black Crappie – Carp – Chinese Black Carp – Chinese Gold Fish – Chinese Koi – Chum Salmon – Colored Carp – Common Carp – Crab – Cutthroat Trout – Fall Fish – Half Sided Pickerel – Half Sided Sword Fish – Koi Fish – Lake Whitefish – Lobster – Northern Pike – Rainbow Trout – Red Snapper – Sea Horse – Shrimp – Starfish – Sword Fish – Tropical Fish – White Catfish

Along with the fish, you can also display some accessories such as fishing poles and fishing nets.

Farm Animals

If you have a farmhouse, you will definitely need to have a few farm animals out in the barn or the pasture! As with all other animals, these are in a variety of positions-some animals are standing, others are lying down. Some sets even show young animals nursing.

Some of the farm animals available to you are roosters, hens, little chicks, pigs, black and brown bulls, cows, and calves, donkeys, goats, sheep, lambs, and horses.

Of course, barns, fences, and feeding troughs are available for your farm animals.

Exotic Animals

If you are feeling a little creative or you would like to purchase some animals that your children or grandchildren would enjoy playing with, you can purchase a few exotic animals. Since this is all in fun, you can even set up your own zoo in your dollhouse backyard! Some exotic animal options include black bears and polar bears, coyotes, jackalopes, foxes, pandas, koala bears, and chimpanzees. Of course, depending on your setting, some of these animals aren’t so exotic! (If you have a ranch home, it would be perfectly appropriate to place a coyote or a jackalope somewhere on the landscape.)

Small Critters and Insects

Almost any dollhouse could do with a couple small animals perched in trees or scurrying across a lawn. Some critters include hedgehogs, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, squirrels, chipmunks, skunks, raccoons, and rabbits. Some of these animals, of course, can be considered pets and placed inside the dollhouse in a little cage. Rabbits are especially popular and come in a great deal of varieties. There is even a hutch with two bunnies available to keep pet rabbits outside.

In addition to small animals, a few friendly insects are always welcome in your dollhouse’s garden. Ladybugs and butterflies are available in sets of five or six. There is also a butterfly collection display case that would be a great accessory for your dollhouse library.


If you are choosing to have a pond around your dollhouse, you may want to include a couple amphibians! (Think of how excited your nephew or grandson will be when he spots them!) There are a huge variety of frogs and toads available in several shades and sizes. There are also several turtles you can add. If you are going all-out, you may want to add an alligator, an iguana, or an otter!