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Equipment and Basic Ingredients in Homemade Wine Making

Equipment and Basic Ingredients in Homemade Wine Making

When making wine homemade, you will discover how simple and easy it is. You don’t really have to buy nifty and brand new equipment just to be able to make some wine homemade. For all you know, the things you need are already right in your own kitchen. So go check them out first and see if you already have them.

– ½ Gallon Winchester Bottles
– Wine Bottles with Corks.
– Boiler (make sure it’s made of aluminum or enamel).
– Glass Tubing
– Hydrometer
– One Gallon Glass Jars with Corks
– Plastic Dustbin or any large plastic vessel.
– Polyvinyl Tube.
– Small Press.

Other Equipment and Tools:
– Bottle-Cleaning Brush
– Casks
– Colander
– Cork Borer
– Corking device
– Jelly Bags for straining
– Large Polythene Funnel
– Measuring Jugs
– Scales
– Small Funnels
– Stone Jars
– Thermometer
– Tie-on labels for jars and stick-on labels for bottles
– Wooden Spoon

Those that you couldn’t find at home, you may go check your local supermarket and buy them there.

Now that you have completed the list of equipment you need for your wine homemade, it is now time to gather your ingredients. As you go on with this whole activity of creating wine homemade, you will eventually come up with your own wine recipe, experimenting with other exotic ingredients if you wish. That’s when your creativity will come in. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s first gather the basic ingredients so you can start making your own wine homemade. Here they are:

Wine Yeast
One of the most important ingredients in making wine homemade is yeast. Without yeast, then there can be no wine so to speak. There are numerous kinds of yeasts that are available in the market which you can use. Just ask for the best brand used in wine making and the store manager will be happy to help you. Once you have this ingredient, it is also important that you follow the ideal condition for the yeast to grow and do its job. But not to fret, the conditions are very easy to follow which you will soon learn about as you go through the process of fermentation. For now, let’s just stick with completing the ingredients first.

Sugar is the “food” that the yeast feeds on. This is why sugar is very important in wine making, without which alcohol will not be produced therefore, no wine. There is also an amount that you need to follow so you can reach that level of fermentation that is good for your wine homemade. There are still other critical information that as a winemaker, you must know, when purchasing your sugar. This is to ensure that the wine you are making has the best quality and/or is at par with those sold in the markets and wine stores. You will know these things eventually as you go through the whole process of wine homemade.

Acid levels in your wine are determining factors in the proper level of fermentation for your yeast and sugar. Thus, it is best to follow the wine making instructions in your recipe or wine eBook if you have one. Correct acid levels will make sure that you get the best quality later on. After having done this for quite a while, you will be comfortable enough to do more advanced wine making recipes which you can sell and profit from in the near future.

With the right amount of tannin in your mixture, it will greatly improve the taste and texture of your wine homemade. If you’ve had a dry tasting wine before, that’s all because of the tannin in the mixture which makes the texture dry to the mouth. Like the other ingredients, you must follow the correct amount given in the wine making recipes. If not, you could have some uncharacteristic taste to your wine.