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Exterior House Paint Protects and Beautifies – Ensure Great Results With Proper Paint Removal

Exterior House Paint Protects and Beautifies – Ensure Great Results With Proper Paint Removal

Many homeowners don’t realize that exterior paint is not just about making the house look great; paint also protects the wood from the weather and provides a layer of protection for your whole house. It’s important to have your home repainted not just to keep it looking beautiful but also to keep the structure sound!

Paint Removal

The first step to repainting your house is removing the old paint to prepare the surface for a new coat. It’s important to completely remove old paint so that the new paint can fully adhere to the wood; otherwise, the new paint can bubble, chip, and peel off. Professional paint removal is recommended when it comes to stripping off old exterior paint. These experts use a system of propane heaters and scrapers to systematically remove the paint without damaging the underlying wood. Without these professional tools and training, it’s almost impossible for the DIYer to achieve this level of thoroughness. And, in their attempts to remove the paint without specialized equipment, homeowners do tend to mar the woodwork. For the best paint removal results, it’s always best to leave it to the pros!

Exterior Pre-painting Preparation

While removing the old paint is certainly the first step, there is more prep work that needs to be done before fresh paint can be applied. The bare wood needs to be sanded to create a smooth surface so the paint can go on evenly; sanding also ensures that any lingering specks of old paint are eliminated. Then the siding, trim, and window and door frames are evaluated for cracking, rotting, and other damage. These blemishes are caulked, repaired, or mended so that the exterior of your home is in top shape before the paint cans are ever even opened. With this thorough preparation work, often a collaboration between paint removal professionals and house painting experts, the new paint sticks completely, with no flaking or peeling.

House Painting

Once the paint is totally removed and the surface has been prepped, your house is ready for a new coat of paint. While many homeowners feel up to the challenge of painting their home, you may want to consider hiring professional house painters. These specialists can competently address any problems that develop during the painting process, as well as take into consideration the particular requirements of external paint jobs. Exterior house paint needs to be tough-resistant to wind and rain, UV rays, mold, and fungus-and it needs to be applied in a thick, consistent coat to optimize these characteristics. If you are at all uncomfortable with the idea of painting your home yourself, you should contract painting pros. They’ll be able to give you the smooth, gorgeous paint job you’ve been dreaming of, and you won’t have to worry about incorrect application or other issues that might arise from a DIY job.

If your paint is chipped and peeling; if you’re dreaming of fresh, attractive house paint; if you’re ready to protect your home from the elements, it’s time for new exterior paint. Not only will your house look great, it will also being protected. Call professional paint removers and house painting specialists for optimal results. They have the knowledge and skill to make sure you get an attractive coat of paint that lasts for years!