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Faucet With a New Design

Faucet With a New Design

Looking for a faucet for your bathroom? Bathrooms are no more tucked in a corner but a place that holds centre stage in your life.

Now you do not have to choose between looks and functionality. Faucets are now high on aesthetics but that does not mean that you should not be looking for functionality.

On design front, you should be checking out whether the design is sleek and compatible to all kind of basins. The faucet design is integral to the look of your bathroom and next generation design is required to take your bathroom to the next level. The design should be minimalistic without compromising on the ability to hold the centre stage. Even in the premium range you can look for faucets which have been designed by well-known designers and have won awards & accolades.

Smooth edges, straight lines and flawless execution of design are what you should be looking for.

On features front, many innovative features have been introduced in the market.

Faucets have air passage integrated with honeycomb structure to give protection from lime build-up and provide soft flow of water. The wide-angle levers are integral for increased comfort and flawless smooth operation. The cartridges should be tested for higher longevity. The faucets should have high plating thickness (Nickel 10 micron & chrome 0.3 micron) to provide tolerance to extreme climate and water conditions. The faucets should work smoothly at high temperature (up to 85 degree) and various pressure conditions (0.5 to 5 bars). It is important to check for warranty which is available up to 10 years.

A large variety of faucets is available viz., Basin mixers; Single lever Tall boy, Single Lever Wall mounted Basin Mixer, Single Lever Wall Mixer for Hand Shower, Single Lever Diverter, Single Lever Shower Mixer, Bath Tub Spout, Bath Tub Spout Button Attachment, Pillar Cock, Pillar Cock Extension Body, Bib Tap, and Two Way Bib Tap & Angular Stop Valve. You may choose as per your need.

Different colors namely Antique Bronze, Antique Copper, Black Chrome, Black Matt, Gold Dust, Full Gold, Graphite, Stainless Steel Finish and White Matt are available for most of the faucets available in the market.

The price variation in the premium range is from 30% to 89%, hence making a wise choice is important. The choice available is mind-boggling but once you know what to look for; it is easy to make a selection.