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Home for the Holidays: Masturbation Tips

Home for the Holidays: Masturbation Tips

The end-of-year holidays are rolling around, and for many people that means traveling to see relatives – and often staying overnight (or several nights) with parents, siblings, or others. It can be a wonderful time to catch up on things and to see loved ones one hasn’t seen in a long time. But for some it can also be a time with perhaps a bit of familial tension or a situation in which it’s difficult to find some time to just be alone for a while. This doesn’t usually have too big of an impact on penis care issues for a guy – except perhaps in the area of masturbation, which can become an issue, especially for men who masturbate frequently.

Even for guys who hardly ever masturbate, the tension that some people find when in a family situation may make them wish they could relieve some stress – and masturbation is one of the easiest ways to get some stress relief. So for men who need some masturbation time during the holidays, the following should be considered:

Check locks. Unless a guy doesn’t care if Aunt Petunia walks in on him while he’s fondling his penis, he needs to check the lock on any room (bathroom, bedroom, den, etc.) in which he plans to seek masturbatory relief. Even if it’s the bedroom he grew up in and in which he masturbated daily all through adolescence, it pays to check.

BYOL. It’s best to bring your own lubricant, rather than assume you’ll be able to sneak some petroleum jelly or hand lotion from someone else. First, it saves one the embarrassment of being caught borrowing the lube. Second, many men have their own favorite lubricants anyway, so why settle for second best?

Be hygienic. Even if staying in the same bedroom from his adolescence, where it was not unusual for a guy to fall asleep naked immediately after ejaculating, a guy needs to clean up after himself. If he tends to be a “long distance” shooter, ejaculating all over not just himself but nearby bedclothes, he should place a towel (ideally one he has brought from home for this purpose) underneath to keep semen from getting on sheets. He should also wipe all the semen off of himself (especially if he plans to sleep naked). If a towel isn’t available, be sure to have Kleenex or paper towels around for a thorough cleanup. That includes disposing of the Kleenex or paper towels as well so that one’s host doesn’t have to. Also, be sure to wipe lube off of the penis and hands after finishing.

Watch the noise. If a guy lives alone, he may have gotten used to letting himself go during a masturbation session – which is great. Moans, cries, expletive-filled oaths, noisy bedsprings – all of these are great when alone. But when visiting, pull things back. Keep the noise down a bit to avoid making others uncomfortable – or making oneself the subject of endless jokes by one’s brother.

Take advantage of the surroundings. If revisiting his old home, it may be that some of the memories that are dug up may be of the more erotic variety. If so, use these during those masturbation sessions; it may add some new spice to the routine and awaken other memories for future use.

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