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Home Improvement – Preparing to Sell Your Home

Home Improvement – Preparing to Sell Your Home

There many reasons why homeowners decide to undertake any home improvement project, and one is to boost property value to be recouped with a closed sale. Other than making homes most livable, making everyday living simply delightful, such projects can also prove to be profitable. To make the most out of your investment, here are several home improvements to consider whether you are in Manhattan, Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, or Staten Island.

Boost Curb Appeal

Keep in mind that when selling properties, first impressions do last. The first sight that people see gives them an idea what the entire deal beholds. An unkempt yard would make possible buyers anticipate the worst even before they step into the house, and would even be enough to turn them off and not want to look further. If by chance, he or she does continue, there would already be a negative feeling hanging in the air and this could ruin a good deal. Aside from tidying the outdoor area, here are other home improvements that you can undertake to boost curb appeal:

· Seal cracks and crevices on driveways and concrete paths.

· Replace damaged or repair missing shingles.

· Clean and align downspouts and gutters.

· Recaulk doors and windows.

· Paint exterior.

· Mend fences and gates.

· Place potted annual blooms to make the space more attractive.

Strip Off

Throughout the years that you and the family has been living in the house, each of you has surely added something into it to speak volumes of your taste and the personality. But the thing is, what may be attractive to you may not be the case with possible buyers. Strip off the rooms with personal belongings. Old photographs, family portraits, kid’s drawings, your grandma’s quilt, and all other stuff like these should be kept out of sight. This step will take the most basic of home improvement from simply cleaning, painting, polishing, refacing… these should do the trick to make it easier for buyers to imagine the house as their own.

The Selling Points

The most frequented areas in the house-the kitchen and bathroom, are among the key selling points that greatly affects the decision of possible buyers. Both areas should be beautiful and functional at the same time. When it comes to the kitchen, efficiency is essential; as comfort and privacy are for the bathroom. But before going head on with any home improvement project, it is crucial not to spend too much on. Focus on minor changes that bring about the greatest impact. Some home improvement ideas to consider include:

· Getting rid of unsightly stains, watermarks, and mildew. If doing the cleaning yourself does not bear good results, hire a professional. The cost would be worth it.

· Refacing kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities.

· Replacing lighting.

· Refinishing hardwood floors.

These home improvements can get you the most out of selling the house and make the process faster. So if you are planning on selling, take time to prepare and your efforts will be paid off.