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Importance of Flower Arrangement in the Daily Life of People

Importance of Flower Arrangement in the Daily Life of People

The flower is always considered as a beautiful creation of nature, which can boost the mental energy of the people, as they become mentally satisfied and cheerful on seeing the colorful flowers and smelling the sweet scent of these blooms. So the habit of placing some flowers in the home or even in the workplace has proved to be beneficial for keeping the people at good mood throughout the day. But the flowers should be kept in a properly arranged bouquet, within a nice vase; so that the sight of it gives pleasure to the onlookers.

Flower arrangement depends on the place and occasion, where and when to arrange the flowers. The color and size of the flowers also depend on the ambiance where they are arranged. It mainly depends on the creative ideas of the person who is doing it, though there are some unique techniques for some special kind of layouts, like Ikebana. A dining table can have a bud vase with few large-sized flowers and green leaves. The entry space of our home can have a hanging flower vase with some bright-colored flowers in it, to impress the guests on stepping in the house. Living rooms can be decorated with large vases with vivid colored flowers, with some large leaves and stems in between the flowers, to give a lively picture; while the colors of the flowers can match with the decor of the room. An especially designed bouquet, containing flowers of different sizes and contrast colors can be placed in the bedroom, to impart a pleasant atmosphere. The color of the flowers can reveal the mood of the people of the house; for example bright colors like orange or red shows energetic mood, soothing colors like blue or green give a tranquil feeling, while colors like lavender or pink gives a romantic ambience.

Flowers can be arranged in contemporary vases of colored glass or gleaming china clay; old pitchers or classic urns may also be chosen to spread a more homely atmosphere. Some fresh blossoms of different colors can be floated in a crystal bowl on the center table in the living room or on the terrace. These kinds of floral decorations are designed with mass flowers, filler flowers and line flowers; while graceful floral designs can change the total look of a place. Bright colors and innovative designs of bouquets are used on festive occasions like marriage or parties; while white flowers and serene floral designs need to be used in any mournful occasion, like death.

Flower arrangement is an art form which can be learned in special classes where special techniques of this art are taught; so there are courses where practical knowledge about various traditional and foreign methods of this special skill are imparted to the interested students, who can take up this skill either as a full- time profession or as a part-time hobby.

It is a hobby as well as an art which every homemaker can take up, instead of wasting time on idle time-pass, and definitely it will make them happy and content with their own creativity. But the occupation as a florist is also gaining momentum at present, due to high demand of floral bouquets for celebrating every social or personal occasion in the modern life.