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Is Jergon Sacha the New Hope for HIV Patients?

Is Jergon Sacha the New Hope for HIV Patients?

More and more people worldwide are contracting HIV and the medical researchers and the doctors that have been working overtime to find a possible cure for this disease is in a race against time. While there are a lot of different medical research facilities worldwide that have been working endlessly to come up with something that will stop HIV in its tracks, somewhere in the Peruvian jungles lies the possible cure to such a deadly disease. Used to cure snakebites by the Indian tribes who can be found in the lush tropical forests of the Amazon is the plant called Jergon Sacha. This tuber plant known as Jergon Sacha is found to possess a certain enzyme that helps in the treatment of HIV and even full blown AIDS. When used in combination with another herb called Cat’s claw, there have been cases of patients with HIV and AIDS showing improved health after such a treatment.

After using the combined powers of these two herbs to help treat AIDS and HIV in some patients for a span of six months, the people who were tested with this kind of treatment were said to have tested negative for the deadly virus. This kind of a development is said to have come from a Peruvian doctor known as Dr. Roberto Gonzales. The good doctor was said to have reported to the Peruvian media the wonderful news about the discovery of the cure for AIDS and HIV, in the combination of these two herbs, that can be found in the rainforests of the Amazon.

The plant known as Jergon Sahca is said to possess something called protease inhibitors which is the main ingredient needed to treat snake bites. This protease inhibitor, that is found in this herb, is known as a cure for viral infections and since HIV is a virus, HIV meaning Human Immuno-deficiency Virus, then it stands to reason that the herb known as Jergon Sacha will indeed have an effect on the people who are infected with HIV and AIDS. This kind of an extract that is taken from the root of the plant is prepared in numerous ways, aside from the cat’s claw combination that is specifically prepared for HIV and AIDS. The herb is also prepared as a cure for other viral infections and may come in capsules or as a tincture.

The other diseases that are said to be effectively cured by this herb include other viral infections like influenza, hepatitis, and a whole lot more. The plant is also known to have some anti-inflammatory qualities and have a cough suppressant quality, which is why it is also known to be effective against whooping cough, bronchitis, asthma and other upper respiratory problems. This herb is also known to treat bee stings, scorpion stings and other venomous stings that plague man.

This herb is indeed a miracle herb that helps people find cures for a lot of the illnesses that plague them. As for this herb, known as Jergon Sacha, being the hope of HIV infected people of the world, the results may seem to be in on the initial testing stage but substantial proof still needs to be presented before we can truly say that the world is on the way to getting rid of this killer disease known as AIDS.