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Kitchen Islands – Usefulness of Isolation

Kitchen Islands – Usefulness of Isolation

Kitchen islands are a visible sign of the change that has happened in the lifestyle of people in the recent times. If earlier, the kitchen was a place for women of the house to fret and toil, now it’s a place for kids to do homework, couples to do cooking together and the family to gather and spend time with each other. And all for these purposes, a kitchen island is an ideal choice.

What is a kitchen island?

It is a counter that is placed often at the centre of the kitchen that can be used for various purposes. A kitchen island normally makes a kitchen spacious and easy to use due to its scope for different functionalities. It is chosen according to the overall design and look of the kitchen. It can be accessed from all sides of the kitchen which makes them highly useful.

What are the various uses of a kitchen island?

Depending on the usefulness of the rest of the kitchen you can add to the usefulness of the island. For example, if the kitchen lacks an eating space or storage space you could use the island for the purpose. Similarly it can be a space where the food is prepared and kept ready to serve. Here are a few common uses of kitchen island:

• Cooking
• Informal dining
• Cleaning
• Easy access to utensils and disposers
• Place to store dishwasher

Where should it be placed?

Usually, kitchen islands are placed in the centre of the kitchen. This provides easy access to it. However, this is possible only if the kitchen is large and spacious enough. In a small kitchen, island can reduce walking space and create clutter. It can also be placed on the sides of the kitchen also so that none of its utility is reduced.

What are objects to be stored in the island?

The objects to be stored in a island depends what it is mainly used for. For example, if the island is used for cooking, you can store dishes, knives, spoons, pans, aprons, etc. on it. Or, if it is used for dining, you can store items like dishes, cups and glasses that are used on a daily basis, water jugs, sugar/salt/pepper tins, napkins, etc. In the case of cleaning, keep detergents, dish towels or brushes.

It can also be hidden from the visitors by changing it into a partial wall by covering all its sides with the same material as that of the wall. Whatever be the use of a kitchen island, the point to be kept in mind is to keep it clean as there are chances to food particles to be dropped always on it, keep it hygienic and aesthetically pleasing. Remember, all its utilities have to be taken advantage of as it takes up a lot of space in the kitchen.