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Leopard Print Decorating Ideas for Your Entire Home

Leopard Print Decorating Ideas for Your Entire Home

Choosing the best leopard print decorating ideas for your home is really a matter of what you want to accomplish. You need to decide if you want to create a whole new decorative theme, or if you want to maintain your current theme and add a few elements of exotic surprise in the form of an occasional leopard accent. Whichever is the case for you, there are ample resources and products at a wide range of prices through retailers that sell home furnishings.

Make the most of your open space in your studio apartment or condo, or create privacy in your dorm room with a leopard print room divider. Made from a variety of materials in a range of shades and designs, these partitions make great contemporary accents while giving you additional options for utilizing the space that you have. Create a home office in the corner of your living room or give yourself some private space in the bedroom you share with your dorm room roommate, while boosting the room’s décor at the same time.

Leopard print accessories are also available in smaller, more subtle possibilities. The clock on your kitchen wall, for example does not need to be simply a tool for telling time. Make it a decorative feature by using a modern designed leopard clock. This may be clock depicting the face of this fabulous cat or one that displays the markings of its distinctive coat. Either way, you will have hung a piece of art as well as a time piece on your wall.

If you have been avoiding the idea of leopard print furniture because it would just be too overwhelming, consider adding just a single accent piece. That could be a chair, recliner, or even an ottoman. In fact, for those who are dealing with limited space, storage ottomans are simply ideal. While acting as a comfortable piece of furniture and giving you a place to rest your feet, they also open up to expose a roomy storage area for books, magazines, or toys. You can find an ottoman covered in chenille, woven upholstery, or faux leather.

Do not forget the bathroom as you work to create a new, exotic feel to your home. Leopard print rugs and curtains are available that can spice up the room and create a recurring theme that runs throughout the house. You can choose a rug in any size you need; they are available in both light and dark shades, as are leopard print curtains and drapes. Match these with brown, black, cream, or other leopard print furnishings to create a fresh new bathroom.

Continue the motif when you get to the bedroom with leopard spotted bedding. You have lots of options here as well, from whimsical leopard and hot pink bedding to a cream comforter with a graduated leopard print and matching throw pillows. Add a few picture frames throughout the room to finish the motif, and you will have built for yourself your own private sanctuary of exotic design.