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Maintaining a Clean Restroom Environment

Maintaining a Clean Restroom Environment

Whether you’re at home, school, the office or other public places, you want to make sure that you are doing all that you can to prevent from coming into contact with germs. Germs are everywhere and avoiding them is the first step you can take to ensure you lower your risk of becoming ill. But where do you start? The best place to start is in the restrooms you visit throughout the day.

Germs are everywhere in the restrooms you visit. Germs thrive in moist areas, and just about every part of your bathroom contains moisture. With that being said, nearly every surface in the bathrooms you visit is breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. Flat bathroom surfaces such as countertops, shelves and floors provide a place for airborne germs to land. In public restrooms faucets, not toilets have higher concentrations of germs. The reason behind this is their surfaces are rarely dry and they come into contact with human hands frequently.

Coming Clean

The best way to avoid germs in a public restroom is to simply not touch anything. Technology has provided excellent opportunities for everyone to avoid germs which promote a healthy living environment. Providing a clean, healthy, touch-free restroom environment should be a priority for any facility owner or building manager. Protecting the health and well-being of employees and customers alike should be promoted and encouraged. Below are a number of touch-free solutions that can be installed easily by a trained professional.

Feminine Hygiene Disposal– Give your female employees and customers a safe way to dispose of feminine products.

Touch-Free Soap Dispensers– Avoid touching equipment around public sinks. These areas carry a high amount of germs.

Automatic Faucets– Washing your hands is a good idea, but not if you have to touch a faucet that is loaded with germs.

Automatic Toilet Flushers– A restroom stall contain a large amount of germs. Not coming into contact with any equipment in a restroom is a wise choice to make.

Hand Dryers– If you have to touch equipment after you go through the exercise of washing your hands, you might as well avoid washing all together. Don’t’ forget automated hand dryers when you want to provide a touch free restroom environment.

These are just a few examples of the types of equipment that can be utilized when looking to promote a healthy environment. Talk to a professional if you are thinking about providing a clean and safe restroom environment for your employees and customers.