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Orchid Pots – So Much To Choose From

Orchid Pots – So Much To Choose From

The choice of orchid pots varies based on the taste of the orchidist. The plastic pot has reached the top of the pedestal for many orchid growers over the years. It is durable, light, and can be reused every time. Serious Orchid care sees the clear plastic pot as a practical way to observe developments in the root system. Clear pots are great for observing the activity of the root system, which is why orchidists use this particular pot to monitor even the moisture of the medium. The clear material lets sunlight through right onto the roots and this is great for growth.

The architecture of the pot is simple yet provides the perfect environment for the orchid to grow. Holes in the pot are essential, as a drained media is what keeps orchids happy. The holes also work as a perfect ventilation system for the root network. Air flow is just as essential as a drained medium. There are many shops that provide the perfect pot for the orchidist’s needs. There are plenty of selections to choose from. Orchidists see the white pot as the perfect choice for Orchids. Its structure provides efficient airflow and drainage and it is made to be durable.

Some pots, like the crystal clear pot, are just as functional as the typical clear pot with an added attractiveness as part of its features. They come in different sizes; 4, 5, 6, and 8 inches. The design is basically 9 holes with porting areas that still have three holes each. This provides excellent drainage for the medium. Growers don’t have to be concerned with airflow in this design. The lips are nicely rolled for easy handling during transportation.

Some pots have fancy names such as Oxygen Core Dual, but of course the design follows the name. The focus of the design is to provide efficient oxygen and humidity distribution. The inner pot houses the root system. This design keeps the roots from rotting because of increased humidity while encouraging root growth around the pot rather than going up to the rim.

Slot type pots are clear, the holes are slotted which still serves the same purpose of providing efficient air flow and drainage. Still the material used is clear which keeps algae from growing at the roots. A similar pot is the rigid clear orchid pot, which is still clear but more rigid than the typical clear pot. If you are tired of cone shaped pots, you can switch to the clear square orchid pots. They have excellent water drainage and airflow.

For those who want to go back to the traditional style, white plastic pots are also available. Still rigid like the original design, their improved design allows air flow at the sides and perfect drainage. For extreme air flow and drainage, the net pot is the perfect choice. The grid design at the side of the pot interlinks with slots that provide air flow and drainage. Another special design are the deep plastic pots from Germany. The size of this kind of pot is large and perfect for growing orchids that need a deep medium to grow roots in.

These are only a few examples because there are still various designs available out there to choose from, but orchidists have to be careful as different species of orchids have their own preference when it comes to air flow, water, root depth, and sunlight. Another thing to consider is the purpose of the plant, is it for mass production, decoration around the home, or is just for the hobbyist? Those aiming for aesthetic joy should go for the clear or even the net pot. Mass producers should aim for the white plastic orchid pots as they are rigid enough for transportation.