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Rendering – For Highly Porous, Protective Coating for Your Home

Rendering – For Highly Porous, Protective Coating for Your Home

In extreme temperatures, the coatings on walls and ceilings eventually fails, you need a permanent fixation for odd-effects of damps, waterlogging or cracks. Adding up to the problem, there are always concerns over its maintenance cost and durability of getting your walls painted. Render coating on walls, fences or ceilings in such cases offers the required durability and cost saving for long term.

The traditional plastering is basically a process in which a thin layer of cement like product is applied on the walls. This mixture comprises of sand, cement, lime other proprietary ingredients to make it very strong. Once this mixture is applied on the walls or ceilings, it is going to last for decades. These coatings can however be re-painted after application as per your choice.

Renders are applied on all kinds of building structures, no matter if it’s an old-school building or modern skyscrapers. These can totally transform the look of a common house built by concrete bricks to a modern good-looking landmark. However, in order to create high decorative walls, the PVC mouldings are used along with solid plasters. In the market you will find varieties of renders:

> With smooth finish
> Pigmented
> Polished
> Natural and Coloured finish etc.

Different traders offer different types of finishing and styles but choosing the best quality of product is your personal decision. Painting an old wall involves much more concentration and efficiency than a new one, because there are typical problems that you might face while getting it rendered:

> Lose or flaky paint
> Cracks and holes
> Moss or green growth on ceilings and walls
> Damps
> Water penetration
> Previous experimentation on walls
> Nails, screws, drillings marks
> Lose bricks etc.

So, in order to fix these issues, various tools like scrappers, heat guns, latest equipment, paint stripper etc. are used as things like algae, moth or damps might grow back and cause some serious threat to your walls.

Anyway, the primary concern of renovating your walls is to enhance its appearance, hence the specification and quality of products should provide a degree of performance. The raw materials and quality should be strong enough to withstand Australian heat, strong winds and heavy rainfall, whilst at the same time preventing the structure for moisture which is the biggest culprit in destroying walls within years.

Typically, lime coatings require maintenance every year whereas the film-forming systems require maintenance in every 4-5 years. However, render coating can perform 15 years and upwards. Make your home historic and durable by applying render coatings and offer long-term protections to your walls and fencing.