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Solar Camping Shower Bag – Advantages and Disadvantages

Solar Camping Shower Bag – Advantages and Disadvantages

A solar camping shower bag is one of the simplest portable showers around, besides just dumping water over your self with a bucket. These showers area easy to use and don’t use many resources – natural or otherwise. Of course, even the best camping showers in this category have their disadvantages. Here’s what you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of these low-tech portable showers.

Advantages of the Solar Camping Shower Bag
Weight: The solar shower bag can be one of the best camping showers if you’re looking for a lightweight option to take on your camping trip or backpacking expedition. When they’re empty, they weigh just ounces. Of course, a full solar shower can get heavy, so you won’t want to lug it around when you when it’s full. If you’re backpacking, look for the lightest weight bag possible, which probably means a solar shower with just enough water for one shower.

Ease of Use: These are the best camping showers if you don’t want to mess with batteries, pumps, or propane. Just fill them up, let them get warm, hang them, and have a shower. You won’t get lots of fancy features, but you’ll be able to have a warm shower without a lot of fuss, too.

Environmentally Friendly: Many of these portable showers are now being made with eco-friendly PVC-free ingredients, which means they’re friendly for the environment. Plus, they encourage you to use less water, since you have a limited amount in the bag. Also, these bags are eco-friendly because they don’t require power from a plug-in or battery source, and they don’t use fuel like propane to heat the water.

Disadvantages of the Solar Shower Bag
Warmth: You can’t always get a warm shower with a solar camping shower bag because they require sunshine to heat the water in the bag. If you’re camping in a shady area or get a cloudy day, you may have trouble getting a warm shower. The best models, though, will have extra insulation that allows them to make the most of any sun you might possibly be able to find.

Water Pressure: Since solar bags rely on gravity for their water pressure, you may not get the best pressure with these showers. This can be a good thing, though, if you need five gallons of water to last for a couple of showers. The best models have nozzles that allow you to control the flow of water, so you can get better water pressure sometimes, especially at the beginning of your shower when the bag is full.

A solar camping shower bag may be one of the best camping showers for you if you need a simple, lightweight way to get a shower on the trail or at the campground. If you don’t mind a lukewarm shower in colder, overcast climates and low water pressure, they’re definitely a budget-friendly option!