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Suitable Flowers For Pregnant Women to Put in the Bedroom

Suitable Flowers For Pregnant Women to Put in the Bedroom

Many people like to put various kinds of flowers in the bedroom. They think that flowers can not only produce fresh oxygen for the human body, but also provide beautiful scenery for people. However, not all the kinds of flowers are suitable for people, especially pregnant women, to put inside the room. Unsuitable flowers can seriously affect the normal diet and rest of expectant mothers and their babies. Therefore, pregnant women should put suitable flowers in the bedroom so as to maintain the physical health for themselves and the fetuses.

Generally speaking, unsuitable flowers for pregnant women to put in the room include clove, bloodwort, hydrangea, evening primrose, China rose, Chinese redbud, oleander, lily and mimosa. On the contrary, suitable ones include carnation, kaffir lily, scindapsus aureum, pachira aquatica, aloe, ivy, maguey and cactus.

The fragrance of some flowers can stimulate the nerve of pregnant women. Strong fragrance can stimulate the nerve of expectant mothers to cause headache, nausea and sickness and affect the appetite. In addition, strong fragrance can even cause fetal instability and abortion. Therefore, at the initial stage of pregnancy, women should keep far away from the flowers which can let off strong fragrance, like jasmine, oleander and poinsettia. What’s more, the pollen of some flowers can cause allergy. Pollen usually contains some chemical compositions. If these chemical compositions drop on the human skin or are absorbed by the human respiratory tract, allergy can be caused. It is also necessary for expectant mothers to avoid such flowers as far as possible. The flowers which can cause allergy include evergreen, chromatic orb, hydrangea and fairy primrose. In addition, the metabolism of pregnant women and the babies is rather exuberant. The supply of oxygen inside the room must be adequate. However, the flowers can absorb fresh oxygen at night and spit carbon dioxide, which can reduce the amount of oxygen in the room and endanger the physical health of expectant mothers and the fetuses.

If women really want to put some flowers in the bedroom, they can choose aloe and cactus. The fragrance of these flowers is relatively mild. In addition, these flowers can let off oxygen and adjust the air at night. Aloe can absorb some indoor toxic substances to some degree like formaldehyde. Cactus can help people resist radiation, so people can put cactus beside the computers. In addition, other flowers like bracket plant, sansevieria, pleione and monstera deliciosa can also effectively help people purify the air. They are also good choices for pregnant women to choose.