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The Benefits of a Wall Hung Basin

The Benefits of a Wall Hung Basin

For those redesigning their bathrooms, there are many different options available when it comes to showers, bathtubs and basins. Not only this, but factoring in storage space, mirrors and lighting options is also important to create a space that is practical and looks good for everyone in the household to enjoy.

Buying the right washbasin for the bathroom can be particularly tricky, especially as there are so many options on the market today in terms of style and material. The wall hung basin is one particular style of basin that offers some significant practical advantages, and may well be worth considering if you are looking for a new bathroom sink for your home.

Firstly, it is important to point out that a wall hung basin is basically a sink that is not fitted over a unit or supported by a pedestal. Seemingly suspended from a wall, these basins come in variety of styles and materials, meaning that they can be adapted to almost any bathroom space and look great.

One of the first major benefits of a wall hung basin is the fact that they do not need a unit, cabinet or pedestal to support them, leaving a lot of space underneath. This has a couple of main advantages, the first one being that this makes it much easier to clean up the bathroom floor of dirt and of water spills – for this reason it could be perfect for the messy and busy family home.

Having no unit or pedestal to support it means that the floor is completely clear, and it is easy to clear up underneath with a quick mop around. Furthermore, the entire sink itself is very easy to clean under and around too thanks to its simple design and easy to access shape.

Another major advantage to not having a unit or pedestal beneath it is that this space can be used precisely for what you want, as it will not be used to house plumbing, which is instead encased in the wall behind the sink. This is very useful for smaller bathrooms where home owners are very conscious of how space is used.

One can place a stack of towels here, a laundry basket, a stand holding cosmetic products and much, much more. This can also be the perfect place to stow a stool for children who need to be able to reach the sink to wash and brush their teeth. This space can be used and adapted as the homeowner sees fit, making the wall hung basin a very flexible choice.

Another major benefit of the wall mounted sink is that it also gives the illusion of space and creates a very modern and aesthetically pleasing environment. Although these items are generally a little more expensive than pedestal mounted sinks and counter top sinks, they are also much more minimalist and far sleeker.

Furthermore, all the space under the sink means that it does not dominate a room, which again is excellent for those with smaller bathrooms who want to maximise the space that they have. These aesthetics can mean that the sink blends into the décor rather than overwhelms it.

One of the downsides to a wall hung basin is that it can be more costly to install as the plumbing behind the sink will need to be adjusted as it will not be hidden in a pedestal or unit. Although this extra cost can be off-putting for some, the actual practical benefits of such a sink are often well worth it.

In any case, considering a wall mounted sink is definitely an advisable thing to do, as you may find that the concept suits your home, your household needs and and your bathroom design perfectly.