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The Benefits of Cabinet Locks for Your Home Files

The Benefits of Cabinet Locks for Your Home Files

The main benefit of using cabinet locks on filing cabinets is security. You might know instinctively that security for business filing cabinets in a no-brainer, but for filing cabinets in your own home?… Why?

Well, think about the types of information you keep in those cabinets – insurance papers, medical exam reports, tax records, bank statements, maybe even some work-at-home business projects. All of these are things that are better kept private. Secure locks on your cabinets let you do that.

You may not have to protect this information from your own family, but think about party guests for example. When you have a number of guests having the run of your house during a party, it’s impossible to know where everyone is and what they’re doing.

Everyone has someone in their life that’s too nosy for his/her own good – or yours for that matter. This is the ‘friend’ who checks out your medicine cabinet whenever they use the rest room and has to know why you have that tube of whatever for athlete’s foot. It wasn’t there a week ago. Yeah, right.

I gave a party once where I discovered my bosses’ wives had closed themselves up in my bedroom and had checked out what was in my jewelry boxes and my dresser drawers!

These are the kinds of people those home file cabinet locks are designed to protect you from.

Some locks are more effective at protecting your sensitive documents than others. Keyed locks seem to be the most popular type. There are many different types and styles available.

Generally, locking systems are built into the cabinet during the manufacturing process but they won’t work if you don’t lock them. Basically, there are two types of cabinet locks – keyed and keyless. When buying your file, consider whether it would be easier for you to keep track of an extra key or remember the combination of a lock. You can always write down the combination and keep it somewhere safe.

No filing cabinet lock is 100% guaranteed to keep out someone who’s determined to break in, but they are usually adequate for repelling your run-of-the-mill nosy Nelly.

Another benefit of using cabinet locks on your home file cabinets is safety. If you have young children or pets in your house, keeping them safe is a big concern. Locking your cabinets let you remove temptation from inquiring little hands.

It’s sometimes necessary to replace a file cabinet lock. If they are improperly installed, they won’t provide the security you’re looking for. It’s recommended that you seek professional help when replacing cabinet locks.