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Use of Kitchen Storage Bins for a Clutter-Free Kitchen

Use of Kitchen Storage Bins for a Clutter-Free Kitchen

Following are a few areas of the kitchen that can get easily cluttered if they are not attended to promptly. Going through the organization tips listed under each of them will enable you to understand how your ‘hub’ can look its best at all times.

Pantry is the most important area of the kitchen and is most prone to clutter. The first thing towards keeping it organized is to throw off outdated items and give away non-perishable items that will not be used by you. Pantry shelves have to be lined with a tough liner which will simplify the task of cleaning spills if any. Next is ensuring accessibility of all items. Grouping similar items in small kitchen storage bins and then labeling them is a good idea. Kitchen storage bins that are transparent will be helpful to store pantry staples like flour, sugar, rice etc.

Kitchen countertops unwittingly turn into clutter areas leaving the cook with very little space for doing what he does best and that is -cooking! Leave sufficient space for cooking preparation and the actual cooking and keep that space free at all times. Allot specific areas on the countertop for certain kitchen equipment like the countertop mini fryer, tilting pan etc. Anything that will not be required at frequent intervals should not occupy space on the countertop.

These are storage spaces that are built deep inside and there is always a difficulty in accessing the required items from them. In order to circumvent this difficulty, the lower cabinets should have sliding drawers, cabinets which are at eye level can have layered stacking shelves and the top cabinets can have pull-down racks. All items should be kept in appropriate kitchen storage bins. It is better to keep the most frequently required items at front rows.

Drawers are another area that gets easily messed up. Using modular or expandable organizers will go towards optimum utilization of space. Items can be separated based on the occasion of their use and also by size, shape and frequency of use.

Sink area
Sponges, scrubbers and utensil soap should be stored by the side of the sink. Soap can be used through a pump dispenser; this adds to the cleanliness of the place.

Other Areas
Besides the above mentioned areas, floor space of your kitchen should be utilized wisely. Large kitchen storage bins that will hold bulk food items such as onions, potatoes etc should be kept at unobtrusive places on the floor. In a commercial establishment, care has to be taken to ensure that there is no overcrowding on the service counter too.

Summarizing, one can say that it is a good idea to follow the above mentioned organization tips so that your entire kitchen along with the service counter will definitely look clean and clutter-free.